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Start Series

Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start Program is designed as both an intervention and prevention program for students while serving a suspension or limited expulsion. The program is taught by a certified teacher and a Child and Youth Worker (CYW) and is located at the Schmon Corporate Center. The program strives to address the academic and behavioral needs of the student. Fresh Start provides programs containing strategies for building positive attitudes, for providing continuous learning and for successful re-integration back into the school setting.

Jump Start Program

Jump Start is part of NCDSB’s “start series” of alternative programs. The focus of the program is to provide those students who are experiencing chronic attendance issues an opportunity to attend school on an interim basis. The program is taught by the same certified teacher and a Child and Youth Worker (CYW) as Fresh Start and is located in the same facility.
The key objective is to provide students with the academic, social and behavioral skills to change negative patterns of attendance.