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Pathways Preparation Program - P3

P3 is an after-school help program ran throughout the school year to provide direct academic support to students. Teachers and staff in a variety of subject areas are available to provide academic assistance. Students also have the opportunity to receive help in study strategies, participate in Credit Recovery, participate in student tutoring programs, utilize computer access and develop interpersonal skills in a non-formal leaning environment.

Tutors in the Classroom Program

Through the NCDSB two prospective educators currently enrolled in a faculty of education program are made available to support classroom teachers and students in the areas of literacy and numeracy. The Tutors in the Classroom Program is conducted over both semesters.

Peer Tutoring Program

Peer tutoring is a school run program that pairs academically struggling students with a student of expertise in a particular subject area. The peer tutoring assistance is generally conducted out of the P3 program.